Military Applications

Advanced Blast & Ballistic Mitigation Coating

A.D.A.P.T. UltraNANO™ Protective Coatings are designed specifically for the Defense sector to provide a lightweight alternative for blast and ballistic protection for buildings, vehicles, assets and other critical infrastructure in high-risk locations. .A.D.A.P.T. UltraNANO™ is an ultra-high strength, rapid set, spray applied, nanotech coating, and drastically reduces the damage sustained in a blast or ballistic event. UltraNANO™ also exhibits superior abrasive resistance, low cathodic disbondment, high anti-fouling capabilities, and offers a lightweight alternative to conventional protective solutions.

UltraNANO Feature and Benefits

Light Weight

UltraNANO™ provides unmatched protection to weight ratios, and provides an extremely lightweight solution, compared to the hardened steel armor used in today’s military vehicles.

Self-Healing Properties

UltraNANO™ exhibits the unique capability to “self-heal” in the event of a ballistic penetration into the protected substrate. This property is made possible by our product’s extreme elongation capabilities, and is very important for the leak mitigation of critical fluids.

High Build and Rapid Set Product

UltraNANO™ is easily applied, and as a high build coating, mimics the façade and nuances of the substrate to which it is applied, thereby offering high levels of concealable protection. UltraNANO™ is completely dry to the touch in minutes, and provides unrivaled return-to-service times.

Military / Defense


UltraNANO™ is a lightweight alternative to traditional blast and ballistic mitigation solutions. It has low cathodic disbondment properties and is a neutrally buoyant solution for hull coatings. Vessels protected with UltraNANO™ will show increased anti-fouling capabilities, and will reduce parasitic drag by preventing sea life growth forming on the submerged surfaces of the vessel, providing massive savings in fuel and maintenance all while extending the longevity of the vessel itself. UltraNANO™ also provides a safe location for magazine and munitions storage while underway.

Land & Air Vehicles

UltraNANO™ is a lightweight alternative to traditional armoring systems and greatly enhances the blast and ballistic capabilities of land and air vehicles. Our product can be applied directly to the substrate, or as an applique armoring solution offering ease of replacement in the event of damage to the panel due to a blast or ballistic event. UltraNANO™ prevents spalling into the personnel areas of the vehicle and the self-healing properties of our coatings systems aids in the prevention of fuel loss and ignition created by a fuel cell puncture.

Government Buildings

UltraNANO™ is a rapid set product that is tack-free in seconds, and dries in minutes. Our product’s rapid cure rate allows for a quick implementation of our protective solution. UltraNANO™ coatings replicate the façade of the substrate upon which it is applied, creates a high level of concealability, and adds to the overall aesthetic of the of the protective coating as opposed to traditional armoring methods.

Personnel Protection

UltraNANO™ provides enhanced fortification and longevity to FOBs.  Our product easily creates safe spaces for personnel operating in high-risk locations. UltraNANO™ can also be used as a anti-spall coating, or applied as blast protection to heavy equipment operating in mine prone areas. UltraNANO™ can also be utilized to crate ballistic shields for checkpoint locations.