Genesis Assaulter

A.D.A.P.T.™ Genesis Specialty Threat Assaulter Armor Systems are designed to defeat many different high-level threats including 7.62x39 API, M855 Green Tip, and .308 M80 Ball. This plate was designed for the high speed operator that needs high threat capabilities, with the lowest possible weight criteria. This plate is infused with A.D.A.P.T.’s™ proprietary UltraNANO™ Technology to prevent spalling and reduce back face deformation. 

Full Set
Front / Back / 2 Sides
4.0 LB
.65 IN
Genesis Performance Test Data
ASSAULTER PLATE - This plate has been tested to stop the following, and all lesser threats:
Genesis™ Assaulter Specialty Threat 10x12 ESAPI Torso Plate – Total number of threats defeated: 3
4.0 lb. 7.62 NATO (.308) M80 Ball 1 round BFD = 42mm
  7.62 x 39 BZ API 1 round BFD = 27mm
  5.56 M855 Green Tip 1 round BFD = 28mm
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